About Hobi Services

David Dana

David Dana

Hobi Instrument Services (Hobi Services for short) provides calibration, repair and related services for equipment manufactured by HOBI Labs, Inc. Hobi Services also produces a limited number of new instruments on a custom basis, using improved versions of the HOBI designs.

David R. Dana, founding chief engineer of HOBI Labs and expert on all its products, formed Hobi Instrument Services as an independent limited liability company in May, 2013.

Hobi Services supports all HydroScat backscattering sensors, the full line of HydroRad in-situ radiometers, HydroDAS data acquisition systems, a-Sphere in-situ spectrophotometers, Gamma transmissometers, and related equipment. We offer rigorous backscattering calibrations, radiometric calibrations traceable to NIST standards, pressure testing, temperature cycling, and comprehensive repair services.

Hobi Services is located in the beautiful Puget Sound area of Washington state, nestled between the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, near the shore of Lake Washington and the city of Seattle.

Sunset over Lake Washington

Lake Washington and the Olympic mountains, viewed from our neighborhood