About Our Services


  1. You request a returned material authorization (RMA), and receive shipping instructions from Hobi Services.
  2. You carefully pack and ship your equipment. If applicable, include any cables and accessories.
  3. After receiving your equipment, we inspect and test it, determine what service is required, and send you a cost estimate.
  4. We wait for your authorization and purchase order before proceeding.
  5. After completing the service you authorize, we return it according to your shipping preferences.

Pre-service Calibration

Sometimes when you return an instrument for calibration, we find the need for other service that will change the existing calibration. In that case, our estimate will include calibrations both before and after service. The pre-service calibration is optional, and needed only if you want to apply a new calibration to previously collected data.

Battery Replacement

Besides calibration, our most common service is replacement of internal battery packs. Because of the variety of custom battery packs used in various instruments, we often need to order the replacement pack from our supplier, which adds about a week to the service time.

Optical Filter Replacements

The optical filters used in HydroScats, Gammas, a-Betas and c-Betas slowly lose transmission with age, regardless of use. Their service life is typically at least five years, but aging may noticeably affect calibration sooner than that. We can now replace filters with an improved type that, though more costly initially, improves stability and reduces long-term cost. We offer this as an option when appropriate.