About Internal Batteries

Many HOBI Labs instruments contain rechargeable batteries. With the exception of certain HydroBatt battery packs, all use Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad) cells. Except as noted, the information here applies to the internal NiCad batteries in HydroScat-2, HydroScat-4, HydroScat-6, HydroRad, a-Beta and c-Beta instruments.

Care and Maintenance

Battery life

When maintained properly, batteries usually last at least 4 years. They may last much longer, but the chance of a random failure grows. If the internal batteries are critical to your work, we recommend replacement every 4 years, and sooner if the battery has been mistreated or shows a substantial drop in capacity.

Battery Pack Replacement

Do not attempt to replace a battery pack yourself. Unauthorized battery packs are likely not compatible with HOBI charging circuitry, will fail rapidly, and could damage the instrument or create a safety hazard. Contact us to return your instrument for service.