HydroBatt Oceanographic Battery

HydroScat-6P in calibration apparatus

19-Volt configuration

HydroScat-6P in calibration apparatus

14-Volt configuration

The HydroBatt is a high-capacity rechargeable battery that supports heavy loads (up to 5 Amps) with a capacity of 14 Ahr. It uses hardy Nickel-Metal Hydride cells, which, unlike Lithium-ion cells, are not considered hazardous for shipment. The HydroBatt is available in two configuration options: a 12-cell pack with 14-Volt nominal output, and a 16-cell pack with 19-Volt nominal output.



14-Volt version 19-volt version
Number of NiMH Cells 12 16
Voltage (peak) 17.5 23
Voltage (nominal)14.419.2
Voltage (minimum)1216
Weight in air5.1 kg6.2 kg
Weight in water2.1 kg2.6 kg
Length35.6 cm (14")43.7 cm (17.2")
Diameter10.9 cm (4.3")
Maximum discharge current5 A
Maximum depth500 m
Operating temperature0 to 40 C
Charging temperature0 to 35 C

Note: these specifications apply to units built after 2015.